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Hey cool new school!

2008-04-29 19:30:45 by MadChris

So the other day im looking at which school im going to next considering the last one was a flop....when i go and tour this new school the Art Institute of Atlanta, which is by far the baddest ass school in atlanta. I'm planning on going there for what else...but audio productions!

Now this certain course has some kind of equipment included in it considering its about 1,100$ just for the course kit. No idea what it is but it has to do something with music im assuming. The rooms i saw had the typical studio setup plus the "floating" room and the 50,000$ mixer board(looks kinda like the pic) and other misc equipment that I get to play with! This thing has some thousand odd number of knobs and buttons I'm gonna have a field day with!

....i wonder if ill get to post the stuff i make there on here.....hmmm....that whole place is based around pro tools...well see what i can whip up there...

Hey cool new school!